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Why Kisima

High Quality Product

Our passion is to provide the best quality service in the market. Our promise is to deliver a high quality product on time. We are proud of the close partnerships we have with our customers, which include most of the reputable banks, embassies, schools and corporate officesin Tanzania. We also serve homes and retail shops.

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Our Products

Bottled Water Coolers

Hot & Cold water dispensing, up to 75° Celsius, and as low as 6° Celsius. Can be connected anywhere with access to a power point.

Manual 'Mtungi' Dispenser

Dispense a glass of water with one press of the pump.

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Delivery Route

Service Delivery

We all prefer convenience; and here at Kisima we ensure to deliver the same. We do free deliveries in all major areas in Dar es Salaam serving a wide magnitude of individuals and corporates alike. Enjoy healthy drinking, healthy life. Get your Kisima bottle delivered at your location, free of charge!

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