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Our Water

KISIMA Pure Drinking Water is bottled to perfection. Sourced from a natural underground stream of sweet water, KISIMA’s routes are from purity. Processed under a 5-step system using activated carbon, activated sand, reverse osmosis, UV light and sediment filters, KISIMA is 100% pure and then balanced with minerals for its perfect taste. Bottled under the strictest hygienic conditions, KISIMA’s clientele is made up of thousands of businesses, organizations, government institutions, distributors, retailers and even homes!

Coffee & Tea Vending Services

At KisCafe, we believe in “Coffee that fits you”. Our machines and delicious ingredients are designed for any taste and any budget. We stock a wide variety of coffee machines: instant coffee machines for the large workplace, bean to cup machines for the high-end coffee connoisseurs and capsule machines for smaller office or home solutions. Our machines are able to make espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, café mocha, masala chai, lemon tea and more. Our coffee is 100% Tanzanian.

Why Kisima

Founded in 1997, Aqua Cool Ltd was a pioneer in 20 Litres Bottled Water Delivery in Tanzania. Being the first in Home & Office Delivery (HOD), KISIMA is a famous for the highest level of customer service and quality products. The same ethos and capabilities have been applied to manufacturing smaller sizes of bottled water, from 500ml to 15 Litres.

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Delivery Route

We all love convenience, and KISIMA is a brand that delivers just that. A 20 Litre Bottle of Water weighs 20 Kilograms, but our specialized delivery team does the heavy lifting for you, at no extra cost! We deliver for FREE in all areas of Dar es Salaam, whether it is a large corporate client, or a small duka. .

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